Thursday, February 7, 2013

Magic Mom Makeup?

I'm definitely not one of those moms who always leaves the house with picture perfect hair and makeup.  Don't get me wrong, I  do manage to look presentable (I hope!), but often that means only a ponytail and mascara.  It's just part of being a mom of three little ones and due to how I've let my priorities determine much of my schedule.  (ie: I choose to sleep a few more minutes and read scriptures rather than spend more time getting ready in the mornings.)  Each mom's got to do what works for her and her family!

If there was a way to get the picture perfect hair and makeup without the time commitment I would be bring in L'Oréal Paris Magic BB Cream.  (Having "magic" in the title makes me giggle- really?  a magic makeup?)

Here's what the company says about this magic cream:
This product gives the sheer coverage needed to create a natural bare skin finish, while delivering built-in skincare benefits. With four beautifying actions, this all-in-one innovation primes and smoothes, perfects to hide flaws, hydrates all-day, and corrects and evens skin. The product is infused with skincare ingredients like Panthenol, Vitamin E and Glycerin for 24-hour moisturization.

To apply, simply dot on and blend with fingertips. Self-adjusting beads will instantly transform and blend to your skin tone.

L'Oréal Paris Magic BB Cream retails for $10.95 for 1 fl oz. It is available in four shades and is sold at mass food and drug retailers nationwide. Click here to find out more.
 After trying this makeup for a few weeks I'm not convinced it is magic, although it is a nice makeup staple for nice skin without caking your face in makeup.  Here are the pros and cons (according to me):
-makeup and moisturizer in one
-not chalky or powdery
-easy to apply (just use your finger)
-only 4 shades that color blend to your coloring.  So much better for me than trying to choose the exactly right shade from hundreds of options!

-the bottle doesn't last long if you use it daily
-slightly orange tint once applied (or could this be from my lights?)

Now I just need a product to give me picture perfect hair in a snap!  Any suggestions?!  :)

I received a complimentary product from SheSpeaks/L'Oréal to facilitate this review.

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