Friday, February 8, 2013

Winter Gear Organized!

It's slightly embarrassing how happy I get every time I open our closet and see the winter gear all stuffed into this shoe organizer.  It really makes me happy!
Who would have know that such a simple addition to our closet would solve so many struggles.  Now the kids can get their own gloves/mittens/hats/scarves and put them away too when we come inside.  And with the see through pockets we can find everything easily.  Whoever came up with this idea is one of my new heroes!
I bought this Over-the-Door Organizer from and I love that the pockets are mesh and are double, meaning there are 42 pockets, so lots of room for everything!
I took this photo as the kids were getting ready to go play in the snow, so it's more empty than usual.


  1. I Love my over-the-door closet organizers. I have one in each of my kids rooms for their shoes and belts and winter stuff, I have one in my pantry for all my packets of food stuff.


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