Friday, January 25, 2013

Yummy SunRype Products

My kids love fruit snacks.  This can be good for bribery, but not so good when all they want to eat is a fruit snack and not real food.  But what if you could make a fruit snack that was real food?!

Bring in SunRype- it's kind of like a fruit snack, but it's made of real fruit with no added colors or sugars.  And SunRype products are so yummy!

Last week a box arrived full of yummy products from Sunrype. We tried three different items:

Fruit Strips are all natural fruit leather snacks that can be torn into stripes (kind of like Twizlers pull and peal).  My kids loved these!  I loved that they don't have any added stuff, no added colors or sugar.

Fruit Source 100% Fruit Bars. Thee are like a solid bar of dried fruit.  I loved the strawberry ones and ate them as a healthy dessert.

Just Fruit and Gains Bars.  These add a bit oomph to your fruit, mixing in veggies, flax seed, and other healthy gains and fruits, without adding colors or extra sugar.  These are easy enough to chew that I could break them into little bits and let my one year old eat the bars.  She loved them!  Well we all loved them.

SunRype has an awesome deal on their facebook page for Buy 1, Get 1 free SunRype product (for the first 10,000).  And you don't have to go to a specialty shop, check out their website for where they are sold near you.  My local grocery store carries SunRype (in the produce section!).

I received a box of free SunRype products to facilitate this review on behalf of She Speaks.  All opinions are my own. 

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