Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hunting for Signs of Fall

It is beginning to look and feel like fall around here!  In an effort to blend Isaac's love for taking pictures with a little learning, we made up a new game called Hunting for Signs of Fall.

The way we play is pretty simple:
-Isaac gets to walk around the yard with the camera strapped to his wrist.
-Whenever he sees something that reminds him of Fall he can take a picture of it.
-After taking the pictures we load them onto the computer and talk about what he found.

The last step is my favorite because once again I get to see his thinking as he tells me why each picture reminds him of Fall.

Here are a few examples from our first game:

A dirty welcome mat.  Apparently Fall is a dirty season because we get to spend so much time outside.  And after the rain we got last week we have lots of mud to go around!

A rake with leaves.

A bucket of rocks and sticks.  Isaac informed me this is because beavers use sticks to make their houses for winter.  That was a pretty good answer to me!
This will  a fun game to continue through out the fall.  I can already imagine pictures of pumpkins, apples at the local orchard and garbage bags full of leaves!

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