Friday, August 26, 2011

Kid-style Photography

Our house is looking like this right now...lots of boxes everywhere and a couple of munchkins who are a little hyper with all the excitement going on as we get ready to move next week.

One activity that has been wonderful helping the kids be happily engaged in play while my husband and I pack is photography.
We let Isaac (who's three and a half) use our point and shoot digital camera.  He loves going through the house and taking pictures from his point of view.  We've gotten some interesting pictures!

As for Amy, since she's not quite 2 yet I don't feel comfortable giving her a digital camera to drag around the house.  Our solution? We made a camera out of Duplos for her to use.  She loves it!  Now we find her all around saying "cheese" and "click" as she takes her own pictures.
The "eye" on the right is the button for "taking" a picture.  Amy says click as she presses it. :)

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  1. Boxes packed for moving, oh how I don't miss that sight.
    Very cute idea to keep the kids busy. Love the Duplo camera. Very sweet.

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