Monday, September 12, 2011

Acorn Counting

For this simple math activity we collected acorns from the backyard (although you could use anything: sticks, leaves, rocks, etc).  Amy (22 months) loved helping me find acorns to use.

I was thinking we would find the acorns, line them up, and count them.  Amy had other plans.  She wanted to find the acorns, let me line them up, and then throw them one by one.

But that was okay too.  We just counted (or rather I counted and she repeated the numbers) as she threw them.  She had fun and we practiced one-to-one number correspondence, all while using things in nature.

We are trying to take advantage of some wonderful early fall weather this week!

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  1. I love activities that include counting. Wish we had acorns around here.


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