Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nature Sorting

Yea for sunshine!  Isaac (3.5 years) helped me find some things in nature to sort.  We ended up with sticks, lots of leaves, acorns, grass and rocks.

We had a great time talking about different ways to sort them.  Isaac did need some suggesting to see beyond sorting the items by type.  He was content putting the leaves in a pile, the acorns in a pile, etc.  But I wanted him to go a little deeper. 

Our first sorting method was things that grow on trees and things you find on the ground.  It was interesting to see how a 3 year old's mind works!  He really had to think about each item because we had found them all on the ground even though some of them started in a tree.

Our second method of sorting, which got cut short by a 3 year old's attention span, was sorting by color.  Isaac decided on a green group (grass and green leaves), a brown group (acorns, sticks and brown leaves), and a gray group (rocks.)  After sorting items into those groups he was off to the swing set.  :)

How are you and your little ones enjoying Autumn?

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