Friday, May 6, 2011

Calendar Time

I {finally} finished the calendar I've been thinking about for my kids!  We've begun having family calendar time (where we talk about what day it is, the weather, what season it is, what we're doing that day, etc.) and it's been a blast.  The calendar is on a little wall by our kitchen, so we can't miss is, and Isaac certainly won't let me forget to do it each day!
  (This picture was taken a few days ago)

I laminated (oh, I love me new laminator!) the little number pieces and used Velcro circles on the back and on the calendar so that we can reuse the pieces each month.  The days of the week caterpillar is something my husband's aunt gave to me, although making one similar wouldn't be too hard. 

Now we just need an days-of-the-week song.  Any ideas?

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