Thursday, May 5, 2011

Learning about Feelings

Kid's feelings and emotions can change just about every second it seems!  My son has a pretty quick temper, as well as a deep soft spot in his heart.  He can love to rough house and also snuggle up together.  I love to talk about feelings and read books about feelings with my kids as a way to help them vocalize what is going on in their little minds and hearts.
We recently bought this puzzle through Amazon with Swagbucks:
It is a little bear puzzle that has 6 different outfits and 6 faces depicting different emotions.  Talking with Isaac about how the bear is feeling and what might have happened to make him feel that way has been a learning experience for us both.  He is learning about feelings and how to express them, I am getting a glimpse into his own thoughts and feelings!
I love this little puzzle, and for only 6.98, with free shipping through my Amazon Mom account, it was a great deal.  They also have a girl bear version: MOODY BEAR PUZZLE EMMA.  Or, you could make a paper version by drawing faces on index cards with different emotions depicted and the body of the bear or person on a different card, thus making a "puzzle" with interchangeable faces for the body.

One of our favorite books about feelings is How Are You Peeling? by Saxton Freymann.  Don't you just love the creative fruit and veggie pictures?  The pictures make my kids giggle, and they're nothing like laughter and happiness to open the heart and mind to learning. 

And to take the food and feelings ideas one step further, I love this idea from Make and Takes to create your own food friends based on the book.  So fun!

How are you helping your little one learn about feelings?

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