Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thank you Swagbucks!

Friday this came to my front door:

A Scotch Thermal Laminator 15.5 Inches x 6.75 Inches x 3.75 Inches, 2 Roller System (TL901).  (That's an awfully long name for such a wonderful and compact little machine!)

I had to do a little happy dance!  I've been wanting a laminator for quite a while, and have heard such good things about this one.  So I've been saving up Swagbucks, and was able to order this one for free!  (It's currently only 29.24 through Amazon, with free shipping through your free Amazon Mom account!)

It was a breeze to use and I love how everything turned out.  So far I've laminated a few of the free preschool printables I mentioned last week and some calendar numbers for a calendar I'm going to start doing with my kids.

Yippee for Swagbuck and laminators!

If you haven't signed up for Swagbucks, I highly recommend it!  It's free and you get free gift cards!  You get points randomly through searching the Internet (instead of using google, use the Swagbuck search engine.) You can also get Swagbucks by buying Groupon or Living Social Deals through the Swagbuck site.  And then you can exchange your Swagbucks for Amazon.com gift cards (or other gift cards if you'd like).  It's wonderful!!!   You can earn at least a $5 Amazon gift card a month...or more!


  1. everytime i hear the mention of swagbucks i always think i need to start using it too. funny thing though, after i saw your post on the preschool printables i actually went to walmart and got this same laminator. its been a lot of fun and i made some really cute quite binders for the kids and church with the printables, file folder games, and and I spy game with a pencil bag. I will email you a picture of it, it turned out really cute! thanks for all the great inspiration!

  2. Looks like a great item and you sound very pleased with it! I just started SwagBucks a few days ago and I'm having fun with it! I think this is my newest obsession!!! :)

  3. this is already on my swagbucks wishist! I know I would get a lot of use out of it with my tot.


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