Monday, April 25, 2011

"You are Special" Plate

For our wedding my husband and I got a gift of a red place setting very similar to this:
Along with the dishes was a note about their purpose which in part read:
"These dishes are for celebrations big and small, to help each family member feel their love from all."

We love love to use these dishes at a meal to let someone in the family know that they are loved and special!  Sometimes it is for a special accomplishment, such as being potty trained, or a special day, such as a birthday, or something smaller (but big in my eyes!) such as a child being a good listener that day.

I hope that as our children grow they will always know that we love them.  And I hope they will remember the red plate and how it is a reminder of our love for them and their unique wonderfulness!

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  1. This is a great tradition! Thanks for joining the challenge. Watch for my Patriotic Parade around the 4th of July.


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