Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Playing with Snow Indoors

It's a snow day! Schools are canceled, including the local university, and we're not brave enough to venture out in the cold, icy weather. But we're at my sister-in-law's house, which means family, and that means instant playmates for the kids!

With 5 kids ages 5 and under, we needed a constructive project for these busy boys...so we brought snow indoors and let each child play with it on the kitchen table, in cookie sheets.
They loved it! And were busy builders for over an hour! (I was impressed! I think they would have even played longer if their hands weren't so cold!)
The tools of choice included cookie cutters, measuring cups, and lots of toy cars (they tried to make garages and igloos for the cars by piling snow on top of the cars.)
This was a great activity, easy to prepare and easy to clean up, all we needed were a few towels...and a set of dry clothes for the 2 year old!

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