Monday, January 31, 2011

Flashlight Fun!

Once again, winter cabin fever is bringing out the creativity in us all! :)

Isaac's new favorite toy is a flashlight. He has learned how to turn it on and off and this has opened a whole new world of possibilities for him!

Here are some of our favorite flashlight activities:

-hide and seek in the dark (or semi dark) where the seeker uses a flashlight

-building a fort and then reading books inside with a flashlight

-shining the flashlight on different surfaces to see how the light reacts (such as on a mirror, through a glass of water, in the toilet (one guess of who thought of that idea!), through a sheet, onto your skin, etc.)
-flashlight dance: turn on some music. One person shines their flashlight on the ground or wall. The other people have to move quickly to touch the light beam with some part of their body. The faster the light moves, the crazier the dance!

-flashlight tag: both parent and child have a flashlight. One shines theirs on the ceiling (or wall) and the other has to find it and shine their flashlight beam on the same spot. Then the first person moves their flashlight to a new spot. We started out slow and then see how fast we can be.

-Going on a treasure hunt, looking in odd places, like under the bed, in cupboard or closet, and other places that are usually dark. It's also fun to hide a stuffed animal in one of these places first for the child to find.

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  1. My 15 month old has really taken an interest in flashlights lately. He has found all of the various ones we have in cabinets, etc. He doesn't know how to turn them off/on yet though... I should try a simplified version of the hide n seek game with him by turning off all the lights and letting him shine the flashlight where ever he wants. he'd probably enjoy that!



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