Monday, January 17, 2011

Houses and Habitats

We read A House Is a House for Me by Mary Ann Hoberman for the first time last week and simply fell in love with it! From this book has sprung forth much discussion, thinking, vocabulary growth, and creativity! I just had to share!

This picture book written in rhyme and first published in 1978, goes through the "houses" of many different animals and objects. For example,Isaac loved the detailed pictures and I loved that this book brought up some new vocabulary and new concepts for him. He learned that a hutch is a home for a rabbit and a hanger is a home for an airplane.

Since reading the book we've been finding homes all over the place:
-an egg carton as a home for eggs,
-a toy box as a home for toys,
-the fridge as a home for food.

There is so much to discuss with this book, I highly recommend checking it out yourself!

And because we've been talking about houses so much these past few days, we played a free online game for preschoolers by Fisher Price called Wild Habitat this morning. Computer games are always a hit with my son, and this one was a hit with me because he learned a little about different habitats and gave us move to discuss about homes and houses!

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