Monday, November 29, 2010

Toddler Teeth Brushing Tips

Lately we've been having some struggles with teeth brushing at our house. I've been talking with friends and searching the Internet for solution ideas. Here are some ideas that have been working!

-Give a choice between two toothbrushes (this way the child still gets to choose, and the choice isn't between to brush or not to brush)

-Set a timer

-Take turns: parent goes first and then child, or vice versa

-Make a routine or schedule poster, including teeth brushing!

-Pretend you are a detective looking for things in their mouth as you brush (an elephant and a car are popular at our house)

What has worked for you to help your children brush their teeth?


  1. This is a timely article! My son is hating brushing his teeth lately, his molars are still coming in and they're bothering him lately. So he doesn't want anything in his mouth.

  2. Your smile and your teeth are often the first few things a person notices about you.

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Thanks for sharing your ideas! I love to hear and learn from others!