Friday, November 26, 2010

Fruit Loop Pattern Necklace

It hasn't been too long since we made fruit loop necklaces, and so when I got out the supplies today my son said, "I already made mine Mom." To which I responded, "Oh yes, but you haven't made one like this!"

You see, we've been working on patterns and I though the cereal necklaces would be a fun way to practice more patterns.

Isaac decided on an A-B-C pattern of purple-yellow-blue. He helped me sort out those colors into piles (and happily ate the other colors left over). We used a cord rather than string or ribbon because it is a bit stiffer and makes stringing on the cereal easier for small hands. I tied on loop on the end and away he went...

It was good fine motor practice!

The finished product. You can see that we need to keep practicing patterns, and that Isaac still wanted to finish the piles of cereal, even when blue was the only color left. :)

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  1. Found you on The Product Review Place, follow me, follow you! I have a three year old, and I think he would love the cereal necklace! Sweet!


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