Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Halloween Costumes

Can you believe it's almost October? Yesterday Isaac and I were at DI and they have a huge selection of costumes out at the front of the store if you are planning on buying a costume for your little one this year. If you are thinking of making something, these web sites might be helpful:
This one has lots of pictures and breaks down the costumes into categories, like baby costumes, animals, group ideas (if your whole family wants to dress up with a theme), etc. Just looking at the pictures generated lots of ideas in my head.

This second site does not have pictures, but has descriptions of costume possibilities.

This last web site has pictures and detailed instructions. These costumes are specifically for children.

Of course there are many other sites with costume ideas. Have fun dressing up this Halloween!

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  1. Janice, this is such a great blog and I really appreciate your ideas on Halloween and GC. I look forward to hearing more great ideas!



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