Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yesterday I was reading some articles on, and I read this one by Janene Wolsey Baadsgaard called The Best Times of Life. (I had typed "crying baby" into the search box, so you can guess what kind of day we had been having.) I really enjoyed her words, and I would recommend it to any young mother. At the end she gave a couple of suggestions to help remember these best times of life that pass so quickly.

Here are her ideas for keeping memories:
  • Keep a written journal for your child. Even before your child is born, you can purchase a journal and begin the entries. Write about your pregnancy—your feelings and experiences. After the baby arrives, write about his birth, his firsts, his holidays, his birthdays. This journal can be given as a gift to your child when you feel it is time that he can continue it on his own.
  • Make a memory quilt. This can be made from scrap pieces of clothing that the child has worn, or embroidered with names and dates and pictures of important times for the child.
  • Store items that will recall memories. Get a trunk or special box of some kind in which to keep special clothing, toys, quilts, booties—anything important to the child. This is a good place for gifts from grandparents.
  • Record experiences on tape and film. You can use tape recorders to record your feelings for your unborn or to record the child’s cry, or laugh, or parties. With a camera, you can take slides, moving pictures, or snapshots. When taking pictures, don’t take pictures just of the children. Include pictures of yourself, grandparents, friends, and brothers and sisters.
  • Use whatever talent you may have. Be creative. You can embroider or paint or exercise any talent you may have to prepare a history for your child. Think of something you can work with and stay with something you like. Don’t try to do everything. Pick one idea that is best suited for you and then keep with it.

So you can tell by her mention of slides and moving pictures that this article was written in 1982, but it does have merit, and we'll just update it to say digital media and MP3 files!

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  1. one of our close friends in the ward gave me a journal for Scotty as a baby shower present and it's fabulous!

    I don't write as much as i would like to, but it's nice to have those little snippets and memories recorded. i even try to get eric to write in it occasionally...

    another thing i do is i made a little poster for scotty's door and whenever he's being cranky we go write something we're grateful for on it. it's mostly to keep me sane, but someday when i'm not expecting it i'll realize that he understands what it means to be grateful...


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