Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's Baby Food Making Time!

My baby is 7 months old!  How did the past half a year (plus a month) fly by?! I am now in the midst of baby-food making, a stage that I enjoy and dislike at the same time.  I enjoy making my baby's food because it is:
a) cheaper than buying bottled baby purees
b) easy to do
c) as I'm making purees I can mix them into my other kids food too (they haven't noticed the carrots in the smoothie or squash in the spaghetti sauce!)

I dislike making my baby's food because:
a) it takes time

So this time around I'm trying to simplify and stream line my baby-food making methods.  I give my daughter more from what we eat and make a big batch of purees for the freezer at the same time I'm making dinner.  So far this is working well for us!

Interested in making baby food at home?  Here is a great site with lots of information and recipes for making your own baby food.

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