Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quick and Easy Mosquito Bite Itch Relief!

With summer officially here, so are the mosquitoes!  On our camping trip last week we were attacked and everyone had multiple bites!  Luckily we had our quick and easy  mosquito bite itch relief with us...deodorant.  Yup, deodorant. 

My sister told be a few year ago how a friend had told her to rub deodorant on a mosquito bite as soon as possible after the bite and it would take the sting away.  Sounds weird.  But it really works!  You have to try it for yourself!

Since this remedy works best when deodorant is applied soon after a bite I now carry a sample deodorant container in the diaper bag, always ready to rub on some one's bite. 

My 20 month old now sees the deodorant in the bathroom and holds out her arm, thinking that we always apply it to random parts of our body.  We'll have to teach her in a few years where to normally use deodorant, but for now it's our quick and easy itch relief from mosquito bites.

How do you help your little ones deal with itchy bug bites? 

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