Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Indoor (Garage) Swing

We are staying at my parents house right now and a few years ago my Dad installed a child's swing in the garage. With some days being too cold or rainy, or both to go outside, we are loving this swing! When we own our own house someday, I would love to put a swing indoors!
Honestly, I am no expert on swing installation, but I wanted to give you a few ideas of indoor swing options. I would definitely recommend talking to someone at a hardware store and reading all instructions with any swing you buy!

Here are some indoor swing options:
1. Go for a doorway swing by combining a swing support bar with a child swing:

2. I love this swing from IKEA, and it comes with hooks to install it.
Ikea Ekorre Swing/hanging Seat/hammock In&outdoor

3. Ask at your local hardware store. Many stores sell swing kits and can give you tips and advice on installation.
Enjoy swinging where it's warm(er) and dry!

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