Saturday, February 26, 2011

Paper Plate Spring Basket

With Spring in the air last week we made this hanging basket out of paper plates. But the snow and freezing temperatures of the past few days have put our flower hunting on hold. For now we'll just have to be content filling it with artificial flowers.

Maybe well make another for Easter...

-2 paper plates
-paint (and newspapers and paint brush)
-hole punch
-string or ribbon (12 inch piece)

1. Cut two similar holes out of the paper plates:
2. Paint the paper plates. I could not for the life of me find the watercolors, so we used some glittery puffy paint:

3. Once the paint is dry, staple around the edge of the paper plates, connecting them together:

4. Punch two holes at the top the the basket. String the ribbon through and tie:
5. Ta-da! A Spring basket! Now take it outside and fill it with signs of spring, like grass, branches and flowers. Or use artificial ones. :) 6. If you're still feeling creative, some of these flowers would look cute inside!

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