Monday, February 28, 2011


One of my nephews recently started attending a Montessori school and his renewed love for learning and school has spurred my interest in finding out more about Montessori.

Many of you may be very familiar with Montessori teaching methods, but I wasn't. I love that much of Montessori teaching is child directed rather than teacher (or parent directed) and that as a parent (or teacher) you can help guide and follow your child's natural interests and abilities.

There are so many wonderful Montessori resources online, these are just a few of my favorite blogs, mostly by moms or teachers with ideas for Montessori inspired activities to do with your little ones.

Counting Coconuts: a homeschooling Montessori trained mom or an almost 4 year old

The Wonder Years: a Montessori trained mom who stays home with her kids ages 3 and 5

Mi Escuelita Montessori: This blog is written in Spanish and English by a stay at home mom of two little girls

The Montessori Goldmine: Lists links to other Montessori blogs and ideas

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