Thursday, February 10, 2011

Accordion Hand Print Valentine

We've been making a few of these valentines...and they are so much fun that I think we'll need to make an extra one for Isaac just to play with. (He loves that the accordion paper bends and "jumps".) These are quick and easy, and great for family members who might not be able to see your little one so often.
Family members are sure to appreciate the small size the hand prints and the length of the accordion paper, which is the height of your child!
What you need:
-Glue or tape
What to do:
1. Trace your child's hands on the paper and cut them out. (One of each hand per valentine.)

2. Cut stripes of paper (I used a fun pair of scrapbooking scissors to give the bumpy edge look) and glue or tape them together to make a long strip.)
3. Have your child lay on the ground and measure their height with the paper strip. Cut it to the height of your child.
4. Fold the paper back and forth to create an accordion. Write on the front: "I love you this much!"
5. Put the valentine in an envelope and give it to Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, or anyone else your child loves!

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