Thursday, January 20, 2011

Drawing with Soap

This creative idea was thought up by the most creative person in our house...the two year old.

The other morning Isaac took himself to the bathroom and shut the door, which is a little odd, but I didn't think much of it. After an unusually long amount of time in the bathroom, and too much quiet, I went to check on him. And found him as pictured above.

After doing is business he had climbed onto the counter to create a wonderful work of art. My first reaction was to think, "Will this come off?!" but I needn't have worried, the soap washed off easily with a damp washcloth. Isaac enjoyed drawing with soap again today, although from now on I will be supervising his climbing on the bathroom counter!

-bar of soap (we used a sample bar from the doctor's office and it fits perfectly into little hands)
-(wet washcloth to clean off mirror)

Have fun drawing. When you're done, wipe off with a wet washcloth.

The kids have fun, the mirror gets clean, and you can even leave messages for each other on the mirror! :)

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