Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Adapting Board Games for Kids

Over the holidays we spent time at my in laws apartment in Brazil where they are currently serving a mission for our church. Because they are only in Brazil for 3 years, they don't have all of their belongings, which led to some creativity in finding activities to keep our almost 3 year old occupied while in an apartment in the middle of a very large city!

They do have several board games, and so we made up a few new renditions of games that normally are not appropriate for a preschooler.

Some of our favorites to play together were Ticket to Ride and the Uno Card Game

For Ticket to Ride we practiced colors and counting. Isaac loved playing with the little train pieces! Although we didn't use the tickets, Isaac enjoyed stacking them up and handing them out to people so that they could "ride the train." And I enjoyed playing this game the "real way" with the grown ups after the kids were in bed...this is one of my favorites!

With Uno I took out all the special cards (skips, wilds, etc.) so we just used the number cards. We each laid our cards on the table (it was too hard for Isaac to hold them in his hands) and took turns matching the number or color.

We had a great time playing together, and Isaac loved that he was playing "grown up games" even if we weren't following the grown up rules!
What board or card games have you adapted to play with your preschooler?


  1. I got Ticket to Ride for Christmas, and I love it! Although we so far have only played at night, after putting our son to bed. Not sure he'd keep the pieces where we could find them, even if we played with him.

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