Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Popcorn Snowflake

Happy December! We woke up to our first snowfall of the season, and to celebrate made a popcorn snowflake. My son loves popcorn and has been asking for a popcorn craft, so here it is.

Here's what you'll need:
-popped popcorn
-glue (we used Elmers)
-tag board of cardboard
-white paint (optional)

1. First cut out a snowflake shape. Mine looked like this:

2. If you use cardboard, you may want to paint it white. You can skip this step by cutting your snowflake out of white tag board.
3. While the paint is drying, pop your popcorn!

4. I put black dots with a permanent marker so that my son would know where to put drops of glue. You can skip this step for older kids.

5. Put drops of glue on each black dot:

6. Put a piece of popcorn on each glue dot:
7. Let the snowflake dry and eat some popcorn. You deserve a break after all that work! :)
8. Once the snowflake is dry, hang it up (we used dental floss). We hung our in the window. If you look closely you can see snow covering the grass (but luckily, not sticking to the roads yet!)


  1. very cute. your newest TPRP follower. happy wednesday. would *love* a follow back. you can find me at:

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  2. i love this idea..i think i know what i am doing tomorrow with the kids!

  3. This is so cute. I wonder if the birds will fly up and drool.

  4. This is so sweet and fun! Though I am not sure I would be able to persuade my three year old to hand over the popcorn!! Fabulous craft though!!

    Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty, much appreciate you joining in!


  5. This is lovely! :)

    Thank you for adding this to our Christmas linky! Add more! Please! :)))


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