Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Newest Addition to Our House

No, it is not the strangely attired munchkin, it's what he's jumping on!

Recently we purchased a small exercise trampoline from, mostly funded with gift cards earned through Swagbucks. (More on that later.) The trampoline has been a wonderful piece of furniture for a toddler!

Here are some of the things I love about it:
-The kids can jump on it
-The parents can jump on it
-We can move it around and put it away when wanted
-Isaac can get out some bursts of energy when we are cooped up inside due to weather or a sleeping sister. (I think this will be especially nice through the winter...did I mention we live in Michigan?!)
-It has brought lots of giggles and laughter to use in the short time we've had it!
-It brings back good memories: both my husband and I remember having similar trampolines as kids.

As for Swagbucks, I'm sure many of you use this free search engine that allows you to earn points for doing searches, printing coupons, completing surveys, etc. If you haven't signed up yet, I'd recommend doing it...and you can begin earning your way toward your very own trampoline. Or other item of choice!

(The link listed above is my referral link. If you don't feel comfortable about me getting points for you signing up, you can go to and sign up, although I'd love for you to use my link!)

Any other recommendations of things we can do with our trampoline?

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  1. I don't always find what I need using Swagbucks, sad but true. The search seems limited- but I do find myself using it just to see if there are more options.
    I try to complete surveys and activities online through other groups and will hopefully have a blog on that sometime.
    Thanks for sharing! It gived me hope that those few swagbuck DO help.


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