Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Giant Venn Diagram

To practice categorizing I made a giant Venn Diagram (two large circles that overlap) on a piece of tag board. My son helped me pull out all of his little toys that were white, black or both. Then we set about sorting them. White in one circle, black in another, and those toys that had both black and white were placed in the overlap of the circles.

He caught on to this quickly and was able to complete the project with only a little intervention from me.

Other ideas for sorting with a Venn diagram:

-herbivore, carnivore, omnivore (although using these titles is up to you and the age of your child!)

-Animals are how they move (swim, walk, hop, run). A duck can overlap walk and swim because it does both.

-things that are smooth, poky, or smooth and poky

-other colors besides white and black

You can use actual object, clip art printed out, or sketches drawn by hand.

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