Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kulcar Solar Powered Car Ventilator Review

Have you ever buckled your child into the car during the summer and heard them cry because it was just too hot?  That certainly happens in our family!  Recently I was contacted by Sonray, a company in Taiwan that makes a neat car cooler.  It's actually a solar car cooler that clips onto your window and helps cool the car with fans, even during the summer!

Kulcar comes in this little box:

The Kulcar is pretty simple to install, you just roll the window down part way, slide on the rubber strip then clip on the Kulcar.  Once that's all on you slowly roll up the window and adjust the solar panel so that it's getting the most direct sunlight.  Easy Peasy.  Leave it on until you are ready to go somewhere, then take it off for driving. 

Here's what it looks like installed on my van's window:

While it's starting to get cool here in Michigan and an overly hot car isn't a concern right now, I'm sure next summer we'll be using this a lot!  Our townhouse doesn't have a garage, so our car bakes everyday in the sun!

To show you the Kulcar in action, here's a quick video I made:

Here's another video that explains a little more about Kulcar (I didn't make this one):

You can find out more by visiting the Facebook page of Kulcar here, or of Sonray here.

If you would like to buy Kulcar, you can find them here.

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