Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Elephant Walk Game

Have you heard of the game show Minute to Win It?  I hadn't until we held our family Olympics at a recent family reunion using many of the activities from the game show as well as the board game.

One game was the Elephant Walk where you wear a pair of nylons on your head with a tennis ball in one leg and try to swing your "trunk" to knock down water bottles.  (See above picture for an example of my nephew doing the elephant walk.)  Silly? Yes. Fun? Yes. Kid friendly?  Yes!  The kids wanted to do this over and over again!

There are lots of Minute to Win It games that make great kid activities (some you may have to adapt a little.)  You can find some youtube videos that show how to play the games.  The best I found were by The Blueprint Guy.  (Sometimes I think it is easier to see how they are done than to read a description of them!) 

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