Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Tree Shapes and Colors

This easy-to-make activity was designed to help Amy (25 months) practice colors and shapes.  She knows pink and purple without fail, but often mixes up other colors. :)

I cut out a tree from green felt and then circles, triangles, and squares from the colors of the rainbow plus black and white.  (You could also use paper and glue this little tree together if you'd like.)
 As she chose the pieces (ornaments) to put on her tree I would ask her what shape and color she was using, and correct as needed.  Sometimes I would ask her to find a certain color or shape to see if she was able to remember what she was learning. 

The great thing is we can play this game again and again. And the little felt shapes were a great fine motor activity for her as well.  She was very proud of the tree she decorated!
Can you tell from her outfit that she adores purple and pink!?

Older kid adaptation:
-Isaac (almost 4) enjoyed making a face with the ornaments on his Christmas tree.  He also made up a story about how his tree scares away animals...a fun creative thinking activity!

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