Friday, November 18, 2011

Reading Eggs

Isaac (almost 4) is really getting the hang of using a computer mouse and can play some basic preschool computer programs by himself.  We love Starfall (and I love that it is always free!) and have recently discoverd a site called Reading Eggs

Anyone can sign up for a free 14 day trial without needing to put in any credit card information.  We're just in the free trial mode, and I'm not sure if we'll actually subscribe, but both Isaac and myself are enjoying their program.

I love that they focus on letter sounds rather than letter names.  Because it's the sound that each letter makes that a child will be using as they decode and read workds!

Any other suggestions for great preschool online learning games?

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  1. We have a subscription to reading eggs and really enjoy it. B kind of goes in spurts playing it, but he has really learned a lot from it. He also enjoys the Jumpstart games for the computer.


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