Thursday, October 20, 2011

Animal Actions: Large Motor Activity

Who would have thought that waddling like a penguin, slithering like a snake, and pouncing like a jaguar would be so much fun?!

A while back I picked up a set of Animal Action Cards from the Dollar Spot at Target.  (Similar to these Animal Action Cards).  Each card has a picture of an animal and a way that it moves, such as "peacocks parade" and "deer prance."  My children have had a great time moving around and pretending to be the different animals! 

This is a great large motor activity for inside or outside...and it helps little ones get those wiggles out without bouncing off the walls.

If you don't have the cards, here are some easy ways to create your own Animal Actions Game:
-Pepper Scraps has created a free download/printable of 16 animal action cards.  You do have to "like" her facebook page to be able to download them.

-Take turns calling out an animal and how it moves.  (You don't have the visual of a picture of the animal for this version, so it works best with preschool age and older.)

-Check out a book from the library with animal actions (or even just pictures of animals).  Read and move along!

-One "actions" book we've enjoyed that is Halloween themed is Brooms Are for Flying.  You'll love reading and moving along to the story!

Have fun moving like the animals!

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