Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Animal Safari

Going on safari has become a favorite activity at our house.  (So much in fact that these two are still in their pajamas in the picture above!) 

Here's how we play:

1. Gather all stuffed animals and place them around the house.  For other kids (like my 3 year old) we have him try to put animals in places that make sense based on what he knows about the animal.  For example, a duck in the bathtub because ducks like water, a bat in the closet because they live in dark caves.

2.  Put on you Safari hats (or cowboy hats in our case), and grab your flashlights.

3.  Walk through the house hunting for animals.  Shine your flashlight on them and tell something about them.  For younger children (my 20 month old) we try to have her say the name of the animal.

This is a fun indoor activity and can be a great learning activity as you talk together about the different animals and their habitats in the wild.

If you don't have many stuffed animals you could always print out pictures of animals and use the pictures instead.  Here are some wild animal coloring pages from National Geographic.  (I love that they also give information about the animals!)

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