Monday, June 6, 2011

Family Motto

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I love the idea of having a family motto, something that unites our family in purpose and goals and helps us remember our focus.  Recently my husband and I have been talking about  how we can teach our children to do what's right and become good, kind, hard working and generous people.  We decided to create a family motto that would aid us in teaching our children to be the people we want them to become.

(I really don't think you can start too early in trying to teach your child manners, cooperation, listening, and a whole host of life skills you want them to have when they are older.  It's amazing what these little ones observe and learn!)

I love Shawni's family motto (the picture above and you can read more about it here), but we needed one that works for our young family, so we came up with this:

- We quickly listen and obey happily
-We are kind to everyone
-We have fun together
-We follow the prophet
-We tell the truth
-We are a team!

 Since our kids can't read yet we came up with little symbols for each line of our motto that will help them remember what it says.  For example, for We are kind to everyone I drew a heart with hands to show that we are loving, and that our hands do loving things. 

After having our family motto in place and hanging above our kitchen table for a week now I feel that having the motto is a way we can point out the good characteristics we are all striving to develop.  When my kids do what I ask them right away, I praise them for quickly listening and happily obeying.  And when their actions are less than desirable, we have something concrete to show them, recite and talk about.  

I imagine that as our family grows and changes, we'll adapt our motto to meet our family's needs and understanding.  We'll call this one the preschool version family motto.  :)

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