Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rough on Clothes

I recently posted this on our family blog and thought you might be able to relate as well!

I'm not talking about my children being rough on clothes, but rather me as their mother. It seems that being a mom of small children is hard on clothes.

For example, apart from spending large amounts of time on my knees to be at their level, I am often crawling around on those knees chasing little ones. A few weeks ago a hole popped through on one of my favorite pairs of jeans.  It was a sad day.  That may sound silly, but finding a good pair of jeans that fits well and doesn't cost an arm and a leg is challenging!  Luckily the hole was low enough that I was able to hem them into shorts for the summer.

Being a mom you also deal with lots of stains.  Milk, mud, yogurt, snot, blood, tears, blueberries.  These are the things my kids wiped on my today.  I hope I can get them all out of my pants.

Another hard thing a about clothing a mom is the different types of clothes you need.  John says I have more clothes than him, which is true, but moms need more.  Our clothes are spread out into different categories: the "normal" clothes (and these can be broken into daily life and fancier clothes for church), pregnancy clothes (these range from when pants begin to bulge through the third trimester), and the nursing clothes (some of which cross into the maternity group and others into the "normal" wardrobe).  And the clothes you had before kids just never fit quite the same again.

And then there are different clothes for different seasons of the year.  So some of my maternity clothes from when I was pregnant with Isaac (born in February) didn't work when I was big and pregnant with Amy during the summer months!  Being in the child bearing years I feel that I am constantly changing wardrobes, or that nothing fits exactly right.  This spring is the first one in my married life that I'm not pregnant or nursing.  I've got to dig through those clothes and find something to wear!

So being a mom is rough on clothes, but oh so worth it!

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