Monday, May 9, 2011

More Bath Time Fun!

I'm not sure if you've had the problem of bath toys becoming moldy, especially the ones that can squeeze out water, but this seems to be the fate of our bath toys.

Instead of investing in more toys that will just need to be thrown away in a few weeks (maybe it has to do with the humidity where we live) we try to find other toys/activities to make bath time fun:

-I've mentioned we love to blow bubbles during bath time.

-We also love containers and funnels for dumping and pouring water. Washed out Parmesan cheese containers are great because of their large opening and fun holes for pouring.

-Making ice cubes with toys frozen inside. (Just make sure you keep a feel out for the bath water temperature so that your little one isn't sitting in an Arctic pond.)

What do you do to make bath time fun?

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  1. Love the ice cube with toys inside idea! Sharing this on fb and twitter!


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