Monday, April 18, 2011

Tissue Box Challenge: Rocket Ship

The Activity Mom and JDaniel4's Mom are hosting a tissue box challenge this week in celebration of earth day.  To participate you just make something with your little one out of a tissue box and post about it.  We made our creation, a rocket ship, this morning.  Here's the finished product:

I was thinking of what we could make and asked Isaac for his input.  His first idea: a butterfly.  His second idea: a rocket ship.  We went with number 2.

Our materials consisted of a tissue box, paper, tape, plastic cup, two plastic bowls, hot glue, string, markers, scissors, fabric scraps, paint sample cards, and Playmobil and Lego figurines as the astronauts.

Here's the box we started out with:

I first covered it with paper while Isaac cut the edge of this plastic bowl that we used as part of the flames:

I hot glued fabric pieces that Isaac helped me tear to the bottom to complete the rocket part of the ship; the wings are cut from paint sample cards for Home Depot:

We taped a plastic cup to the top of the box to create the cone shape of a rocket ship.  Once complete Isaac loaded his astronauts into the ship:

While the creation was fun, the play afterwards was better!  Here's a short clip of Isaac talking about his rocket ship (and the rocket shipers):

What are you going to make with a tissue box?


  1. I love this idea! Your video is so cute!

  2. So creative! Love it! Thanks for linking up.

  3. Creative and fun! great idea to add astronauts inside the box


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