Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Playing with Pot Holders

My children have discovered where we keep the pot holders.  So we've been playing with them quite a bit lately!  Here are two of our favorite activities with pot holders, and yes, Isaac is wearing his pjs. :)

Pot Holder Stepping Stones
Child lays out the pot holders and we take turns walking across them.  For an added challenge, spread them out across the floor.
Even Amy (17 months) enjoys this game!

"Grab it" with a Pot Holder
- for this game you need a mitten style pot holder.
1.  Have the child choose some objects and lay them out on the floor:

2.  Put on the mitten pot holder and try to pick up the objects:
 Got one!
Some objects are hard and others easy.  Isaac enjoys seeing what he can pick up with his big mitten-ed hand!

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