Friday, March 25, 2011

Signs you may be the mom of a little girl...

And so as not to leave Amy out, I've been thinking of the fun things that having a daughter brings into my life. Granted, she is only 1, so I'm sure this list will grow with time!

Do you ever reach into your purse and pull out a doll/Barbie shoe, clothing item, or other accessory?

When you open your child's closet, are the predominant colors pink, purple and red?

Does your child love to cuddle and snuggle stuffed animals? (Okay, so lots of kids-boys and girls- like to do this one!)

Are most of your dress ups princess costumes?

Do you feel that your child is frequently being dramatic just for show?

Do you wake up to shrill shrieks (sometimes signifying distress and sometimes delight) coming from all parts of your home?

Does your child loves to play with bracelets and necklaces?

If many of these questions describe your life, you may be the parent of a little girl. What a wonderful thing it is to be a mom!

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