Friday, March 4, 2011

Ecousable Water Bottle Review

Last week we our daily trek to the mailbox found a package to us from Ecomom. It was an Ecousable Water Bottle for us to review!

The kids (okay, me too) were excited and we opened it up to try it out right away. Isaac loved the lid and spinning the carabiner around his finger, Amy loved chewing on the bottom because of it's non-slip pad. And I loved that no matter how hard they chewed, spun, or dropped it the water bottle held together and withstood their excitement.

The verdict: We love it! I had been wanting to get some metal water bottles because they are reusable and don't leach anything into the water or drink we put inside. This one is 10 oz, which is perfect for kids, and the carabiner on the lid is easy to hook to the diaper bag.

If you're interested in water bottles, or other earth friendly items, check out the Ecomom website.

We received a water bottle from Ecomom. All opinions are my own.

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