Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Now That's a Good Idea!

I was walking into a library lugging a heavy bag of books on one arm, a wiggly one year old in the other, with a two year old grabbing at my legs. Did I mention there was snow on the ground and the parking lot was full of slush?

I love the library, and the trip was worth the uncomfortable walk from the nethermost corners of the parking lot to the heated entryway, but I had to wonder, isn't there a better way?

Actually there is, and Ikea has hit the nail right on the head....family parking! Do you think it will catch on?!

(image from this site.)


  1. HAHAHA! I LOVE IT! The closest Ikea to me is in like Houston or Dallas or San Antonio I think :?

  2. Cute! Our local grocery store has special parking spots for people with children- makes it so nice!

  3. A lot of places here in Ontario now have pregnancy/baby parking right beside the handicap spots. They are painted pink to differentiate from normal and handicap (painted blue). Very convenient when you are 8 months pregnant, or are toting a baby seat around.


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