Saturday, December 11, 2010

What My Children are Getting for Christmas

A friend inquired about what we are giving our children for Christmas, so I thought I'd make a list and share it here. I would love to hear what you are excited to give your children!

First off, my husband and I strive to give presents that are homemade or thoughtful, but that don't cost a lot of money. Here's what we've come up with for this year:

-Books: both kids are getting a few books purchased at a local thrift store for 25 cents each. I have been able to find some great books in almost new condition, including this must have for little ones with a dad in graduate school at the U of M:

-Homemade Games: Isaac (who's almost 3) is getting a letter matching game made out of baby food jar lids. Inside each lid I glued a circle with either a lowercase or a capital letter. The object of the game being to match the capital letters with the lower case letters. I'm guessing that this will be a bit tricky at first and we'll just start with a few at a time.
Amy (who just turned 1) will be getting a lid drop jar. I took an oatmeal canister, covered it with fun paper, and cut a hole in the lid. She'll get a pile of baby food jar lids to drop into the container through the hole. Knowing how much she likes putting things in and taking them out of containers, I think this will be a hit!

-A Castle from Box Creations. I won this on a giveaway a month or so ago and have been waiting until Christmas to bring it out. But Christmas came early at our house; we set it up yesterday and have been playing in it and decoration it ever since.

-Felt Hair Clips: Although Amy may not appreciate these yet, her hair is getting long enough to place a small clip in. I enjoy making them, and they are relatively easy. There are lots of free tutorials on the web, or you can buy them in varying price ranges on etsy. Check out the ones in my shop here.

What are you giving for Christmas this year? What has been the best gift you've given your children for a holiday?


  1. One of my favorite gifts from my mom was when she made my sisters and I aprons. Each apron was a piece of square fabric. With a different type of fabric she sewed on two side pieces (to tie it on) and a square piece on the front as a pocket. They were so much fun to wear and always made chores easier for my mom to convince us to do :)

  2. I love the way you think! For our son, he will also be getting several thrift store books that I got anywhere from $0.20-1.00 a piece. Plus clothes that I found through out the year for cheap, cheap, cheap... and random toys & other items that I got for free from blog giveaways, etc. No need to spend a lot of money on young children. They're happy with the little things!

    Also, I've been saving baby food jars and have been wondering what to do with them. I'm totally going to make your baby jar lid game and make a canister for him to drop the lids into.

  3. We also give thrift store books to our children! I will be making a couple rings from pipe cleaners...and just a couple other simple toys for each child. We don't do a lot, but others in our family do.
    Milk lids also work great for games like that.


Thanks for sharing your ideas! I love to hear and learn from others!