Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Make Believe Mailbox

Several months ago I made this "mail box" out of a box covered with brown paper. It was well played with and then put away. But with Christmas cards coming in we pulled it out again for a second life!

You can make a mail box out of any narrow box, a shoe box works well. I taped the flag to the side, although you could use a brad so that the flag can rotate (up when a letter is ready to be sent and down when it's empty).

These are the "letters" we originally made, although every postcard, note, and card from friends and family that is addressed to my son soon becomes part of his home mail system. I cut out pictures from old magazines and wrote notes like "I can't wait to talk to you on the phone" and "Let's get together to play." Isaac then places the letters into the envelopes we addressed together. There is an envelope for most of our extended family.
With Christmas cards this has been so fun to see pictures of all those loved ones who live far away. And Isaac loves pointing to each person in the pictures and naming them one by one.

We may even have to send a letter to Santa in the mail box!

This activity goes great with two loved books, The Jolly Postman (which Isaac also loves for the envelopes) and The Jolly Christmas Postman:

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