Friday, November 19, 2010

Native American Felt Headdress Tutorial

I wanted to make a Native American headdress for Thanksgiving, and decided to make on out of felt so that it could be reused in our dress ups. Here's what I did (and honestly, it only took about 20 minutes!)
-Brown felt for headband
-fake feathers
-hot glue gun
-sewing machine (optional (you can just hand sew or hot glue if wanted)
-Velcro (if you want to make yours adjustable)
What to do:
1. Cut a approx. 1 inch wide strip of felt for the head band. You may need to cut a few to make it long enough to go around a head. Since I wanted to make mine adjustable I cut three lengths and sewed them together. (You can also hot glue them together.)
2. Cut another 1 inch wide strip to cover where the feathers will go:

3. If you are doing Velcro to make an adjustable headband, sew the Velcro on like this:

4. Lay out and glue on your fake feathers:

5. Glue the extra length of felt to cover the ends of the feathers, so that the feathers are not touching the forehead, but the felt is.6. Try it on!
Even the little one let me put it on her for about half a second!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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