Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bean Bag Fun for All Ages!

Since we're in bean bag mode (see post below), I thought I'd post some activity ideas using bean bags to occupy some time during these long winter days! (Broken down by age groups)

0-1 years:
-Toss the bean bag back and forth
-My son loves to chew on his bean bags. I think the hard beans are soothing to his sore, teething gums
-Shake the bean bag, have baby shake the bean bag

-Take turns hiding and finding the bean bag
-Use the bean bags to identify parts of the body, for example, say: "Put the bean bag on your hand." or "Put the bean bag on your head," etc.

-Have the child sit and toss/catch the bean bag by them self. Can they do it when standing? How about walking or jogging in circles. How many times can they throw and catch before dropping?
-The parts of the body game for toddlers works well for preschoolers also
-Have your child balance a bean bag on his/her head. Can they walk to the door? Can they circle around the kitchen table? Set up an obstacle course and see how far you can go without dropping the bean bag.

Elementary Age Kids:
-Stand a few feet apart and toss back and forth, then take a step back and toss. Continue tossing and stepping backwards until the bean bag is dropped, or the walls are reached.
-Lay plates or pieces of paper on the floor. Standing at a certain place see if you can land a bean bag onto each target. Assign points to each target and keep score. Make things tricky-er by trying different throws, such as the over-the-shoulder throw, or the between-the-legs throw.

Any other ideas/games?

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