Saturday, December 6, 2008

Quiet Book update

I've finally finished the pages of Isaac's scrapbook, and although they are not put together and I still have the cover to do, I thought I'd put up some pictures of how things are turning out so far. (I will sew the pages together down the middle when I put the cover on.)

The flowers are felt and button on and off. The animals go into the ark, which is a pouch.

The notes move on the staff. This is a dress I got for free and cut up. Once it's unbuttoned, there is a sheet protector inside (which was actually really easy to sew). The picture can be changed, and when Isaac is older, I can put a maze, etc. inside).

The hands on the clock move around, and baby Jesus comes out of the manger.

The wise men don't do anything, just lots of textures. The next page is about tithing. The pink pouch has a pig on it and there are ten coins connected to the book with string. I'm not sure if I like this page, I might make the coins Velcro on.

This is an old pair of overalls I got for free and cut up; they zip up and down. Jonah hooks into the whales mouth with a key chain from an old diaper bag (Jonah has kind of wild hair!)

For Peter fishing, the fish are felt and a few of them have snaps (but I didn't have very many snaps, so the rest don't.) The next is also off of an old diaper bag. The fruit on the Tree of Life Velcro on and off.

The petals on this flower move (it was a toy that I got for free.) Joseph's coat are different colors that Velcro on (you match the color on the coat and of the ribbon/felt.)

This is a back pocket off of the overalls, in the future I think I'll put finger puppets in it, but for now Isaac likes clothes pins, so that's what's in it. The lions are furry and fun to touch.

And there you have it! I really didn't spend much money on this project, mostly I used clothes I got for free, I bought a fabric grab bag from DI for 3 dollars, I bought a few pieces of felt at Roberts with their weekly 40 or 50% off coupons (yes, I did go different days and only buy one piece of felt to get the discount.) And then I got felt and ribbon scraps from people. Making this book has been a learning experience, especially with different stitches on the sewing machine! And it has taken LOTS of time, but it's been fun and worthwhile to me. I can't wait until Isaac opens it up on Christmas morning!


  1. Wow Janice, this book is AMAZING! I know that Isaac will love it. THanks for sharing all your great ideas. You are very talented.

  2. oh man, that looks so good! you want to make one for Callie too? hehe

  3. you just have to keep me motivated to finish mine! (i haven't done a thing since Janae Hasler moved...) but i'm determined to finish it for Scotty for Christmas...

  4. You did such a good job! I'm sure Isaac will love it! Thanks for all the great ideas.


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