Friday, November 7, 2008

Parenting Classes in Utah

Each month I receive a Welcome Baby newsletter by email (from the hospital or county I think?). Anyway, this month's newsletter had a list of some parenting classes available in Utah County. The ones that caught my attention are put on by KBYU TV's Ready To Learn Program and are free. So Issac and I went to one this morning about Nursery Rhymes, and it was awesome! The presenter really knew her stuff, we all got a free book, and it was arranged through a ward's Relief Society, so it was like an enrichment and was even in a church building in Orem. It lasted for an hour and twenty minutes. The program has a web site where you can sign up to go (once again- it's free). They are held all over, from Sandy to Manti. The web site has through November posted right now. So if you live in the area, check it out!

PS: If you don't live in Utah, you can still download their activities for children from their resources website.

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