Saturday, November 1, 2008


We've been having lots of fun with bubbles lately (outside when the weather's nice, and inside on the kitchen floor when it's not so nice).
Here are some different bubble recipies to try at home: (and if you don't want to make your own, I suggest getting bubbles at the dollar store.)

Basic Bubbles
2 T dish soap
1 cup water

Sweet Bubbles
1 T corn syrup
2 T dish soap
1 cup water

Magic Bubbles (they last a little longer and tend to be bigger)
1 T glycerin
2 T dish soap
9 oz water

Hints for making bubble solutions
-Mix up the recipes the day before for best results.
-Glycerin is inexpensive and can be found in most drug stores. The children think that the bubbles are so much better that it is worth keeping a small bottle on hand.
-Do NOT use the Sweet Bubbles recipe if you have bees or wasps in your yard.
-Joy dish detergent is a really good brand to use...not sure why.

Bubble Wands-almost anything goes!
-straws, yogurt lids with the middle cut out, fly swatter, plastic cookie cutters, clothes hangers, ...

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